St Edmund Hall Online System

Meal Booking Information

Online Top-Up Selection
 Please ensure that you select the correct meal for which you wish to top-up. The choice is made from a drop-down menu. You must select CASH Top-Up for Lunches during termtime and for ALL MEALS which may be available in Vacations. Choose Dinner Top-Up or Breakfast Top-Up just during termtime for any additional dinners or breakfasts which you may require in excess of the minimum termly charges (see the Grey Book), then your top-up will be allocated correctly. For your payment to be credited to your Battels, you must click on Transaction History and then PAY BATTELS.
Online Top-Up for Breakfast and Dinner
 Students may Book Meals, Top-Up Mealcards and Pay Battels online:

Book Formal Hall dinners by clicking on the link below. If you do not have adequate dinner tickets remaining on your Bodcard, you will first need to top-up the dinners on your Dinner Account:

Bodcards (i.e. student mealcards) may be topped up online, by debit or credit card, so that these may be used to make purchases at point of sale for lunch in the Wolfson Hall during termtime (and for any available meals outside of termtime) and in the Buttery. Students may also top-up their Dinner and Breakfast Accounts as necessary in order to obtain additional dinner and breakfast tickets to pay for termtime dinners and breakfasts, and to book for Formal Hall.

To Pay BATTELS(college bills for tuition fees and/or accommodation and meal charges, etc) online by debit or credit card, click on the Meal Booking link, then Transaction History, Pay Battels and follow the instructions. There will be an automatic surcharge of 2% for any battels payments and mealcard top-ups made by credit card, but no surcharge for top-ups made by debit card. Most debit and credit cards are accepted, with the exception of American Express.

Any excess top-up made for breakfast or dinnertickets will be refunded automatically onto student battels after the end of each term.