St Edmund Hall Online System

Students may book meals, pay battels and book Formal Hall dinners online once logged in (via the box below) to this site.
Online Top-Up Selection for Meals
Please ensure that you select the correct meal for which you wish to top-up. The choice is made from a drop-down menu. You must select CASH Top-Up to purchase lunch in the Wolfson Hall during term time (and also to pay for any available meals outside of term time), as well as for purchases in the bar.
Choose DINNER Top-Up or BREAKFAST Top-Up only during term time for any additional dinners or breakfasts which you may require in excess of the minimum termly charges (see the Grey Book), then your top-up will be allocated correctly. Dinner credits are also used to pay for Formal Hall.
Paying your Battels Online
To pay battels (college bills for tuition fees and / or accommodation and meal charges, etc) online using a debit or credit card click on Fees and Charges and then Pay Battels.
Most debit and credit cards are accepted, with the exception of American Express.
Any excess top-up made for breakfast or dinner tickets will be refunded automatically onto student battels after the end of each term.
Password reset
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